Rates & Billing

Current Rates and Billing for 2021

New Customer Account Deposit$75.00 
Account Activation Fee$15.00 
 Owner deposits are applied to account after 1 year if no penalties have been applied
 Tenant deposits are applied to final billing
 Application for Water Service [pdf]
 Owner’s Agreement for Tenant Billing [pdf]
Monthly Service Fee
 3/4″ meter$19.85 
 1″ meter$22.45 
 1.5″ meter$27.60 
 2″ meter$37.95 
 State Tax$3.00 
 Monthly State Revolving Fund Loan Repayment (SRF Fees) – Find out more…
 3/4″ meter$46.30 
 1″ meter$54.30 
 1.5″ meter$71.25 
 2″ meter$95.58 
 Water Charge
 0-2 unitsNo Charge– included with basic water service
 3-up units$1.75per unit (1 unit = 748 gallons)
Additional Customer Services and Fees
 Returned Check Fee$25.00 
 Late Fee10%of current balance due
 Tagging Fee$10.00 
 Disconnect Fee$60.00 
 Reconnect Fee$60.00 
New Meter Set Fees
 3/4″ meter (30 gpm)$17,384.00+ additional meter set fees
 1″ meter (50 gpm)$28,802.00+ additional meter set fees
 1.5″ meter (100 gpm)$53,824.00+ additional meter set fees
 2″ meter (160 gpm)$86,443.00+ additional meter set fees
 3″ meter (320 gpm)$190,827.00+ additional meter set fees
 4″ meter (500 gpm)$343,770.00+ additional meter set fees
Fire Hydrant Meter Rental/Bulk Water Charges
 Rental deposit$1,600.00 
 Deposit is returned when meter is returned in good condition
 Bulk water rate$3.00per unit (1 unit = 748 gallons)
 Rental Fee$2.00per day (M-F)
Service Call Charge
 During normal business hours – No charge
 (8:00 am – 4:30 pm / Monday-Friday) No charge in most cases
 After business hours/weekend/holidays $75.00 per hour per man