Meadow Vista County Water District was established in 1950. It currently provides treated water to approximately 1,500 customers living in the Meadow Vista and Applegate area. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide our customers with a safe and dependable supply of water. Meadow Vista County Water District consistently provides drinking water that meets and even exceeds State and Federal standards.

The District’s water supply source is the Sierra snowmelt run-off from the Yuba and Bear River water sheds flows through Lake Spaulding, and the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Drum Forebay. Water is conveyed from Drum Forebay through Placer County Water Agency’s (PCWA) Boardman Canal to the Meadow Vista County Water District’s water treatment plant where it is treated according to the California Department of Health Services regulations.

The Meadow Vista County Water District’s Treatment Plant has been upgraded to comply with the stringent State of California and Federal regulations on drinking water quality due to the passage of The Clean Water Act. These upgrades were completed in 2012 and included the construction of two 0.9 million-gallon above ground steel water storage tanks and booster pump station, conversion of an existing reservoir to raw water storage, upgrades to the clarification process and solids handling facilities and the addition of a redundant filter.